We added the largest solar installation ever in Springfield, MO

On Top of The BKD Building

The Challenge

The BKD Building in Springfield, MO, was experiencing large demand charges that was causing spikes in energy charges every month.  The building had outdated lighting, couldn’t monitor their energy usuage and they had a large unused space on their roof but it was several stories up in the middle of downtown Springfield.

The Solution

The solution was to do a complete energy analysis and then implement several stategies.  First, the entire building was converted to LED lighting, both exterior and interior.  Next, HVAC systems were modified as to not create demand spikes.  Then, 464 high efficiency 320 watt solar panels were lifted by crane and installed on top of the building.  Two large inverters were installed that now turns the sun’s clean energy for the building or the city to use.

BKD Building - Springfield, MO

Solar Panels Installed

kwh of Power Generated

Lights Converted to LED

Amazing Result

The Results Were Amazing

Complete LED Conversion, energy analysis, solar panel installtioni accomplished the results that Ozark LED & Solar and our clients set out to achieve.  We can help you acheive similiar results and will show you during our free energy assessment.

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