We Rethought Everything And....


The Challenge

The Chase Call Center in Springfield, MO, is the largest call center for the nation’s largest bank.  Out-dated metal halide parking lot fixtures, bollards and flood on the exterior used an excessive amount of energy and was difficult to maintain.  The security cameras could not see the entire parking lot at night. The interior had thousands of T8 flourescent bulbs, 2x4 troffers, high bays and down lights that also use vast amounts of energy and required extensive maintenance to maintain the lighting output.

The Solution

The solution was to do a complete LED lighting conversion of the exterior and interior.  149 metal halide parking lot fixtures were condensed into 84 high-efficiency LED parking lot fixtures.  The 2x4 troffers were replaced with commerical-grade premium LED flat panels.  The results are a much better qualtiy of lighting and hundreds of thousands saved on energy and maintenance costs.  The parking lot is no longer dark and is now safer for employees.

Chase Call Center - Springfield, MO


Reduction in Energy Usage

Fluorescent Bulbs Eliminated

Annual Estimated Dollars Saved

Amazing Result

  • Energy Saved 70%
  • Fixtures Recycled 100%
  • Annual Rate of Return 30%
  • Metal Halide Fixtures Replaced 100%

The Results Were Amazing

Complete LED Conversion accomplished the results that Ozark LED & Solar and our clients set out to achieve.  We can help you acheive similiar results and will show you during our free energy assessment.

Interested In Achieving the Same Results?